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Club Membership

There’s great news for Mosch Ball!

It has been an amazing year of growth! With the addition of The Gun and the Mosch Ball Training Center, we have now become the top skills training program in the entire Charleston area. With the ability to provide more for players than ever before, my dream of giving kids consistent, fundamental skills instruction in a fun and uplifting environment is now a reality. 

With our very own training center, kids with a heart for the game and a desire to improve now have a constant place to train! 

Also due to the growth, workouts are now booked solely online at and This allows parents to plan their schedules in advance and to ensure their kids receive as much consistent training as they need.

There is one more surprise in the works, but it won’t be revealed until after the new year 🙂

As a result of all these great advances for Mosch Ball, club memberships are now offered to everyone, free of charge. The Gun can be used by anyone who would like, and workouts can be booked without any delay, weeks in advance. 

So book your workout today! Thank you for being a part of this program!

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