The Gun

The best basketball shooting machine in the world!

Used by NBA, WNBA, and top college teams as their #1 shooting tool

The Gun rebounds and passes all of your shots, enabling you the ability to shoot over 600 shots in 30 minutes! It will rapidly enhance the speed of your improvement and confidence!

Example: If a player shoots on The Gun 30 minutes at a time for just 5 sessions, that can equal 3000 shots. Can you imagine how long it would take for a player to do this on their own? Or for another person to rebound 3000 shots?!

 Amazing benefits of The Gun:

  • A computerized scoreboard that keeps track of your total shots made and taken, showing your shooting percentage for that workout.

  • An adjustable net enforcing proper arch

  • A distance adjuster to change your shooting range from 15 feet to 3 pointers.

  • A timer to change the speed of each pass

  • A movable base to make passes all around the floor for shots off the move

The Gun is booked in 30 minute sessions for $20.

Ready to take your shot to the next level?  

The Gun is not open for booking at the moment. It will be soon, stay tuned!

Only Mosch Ball club members have access to use The Gun

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